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Fossiel.net Partners

One of the main targets of Fossiel.net is to compile and share the knowledge on Fossils, Minerals and Geology in its broadest sense, and to bring the different players in these fields together. For that reason we collaborate with other websites, societies, museums and organisations. These voluntary partnerships are based on the exchange of knowledge and information in a collaboration that is clearly  beneficial for both parties.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Together with Naturalis we have made ??arrangements to cooperate on the topics of education and communication between amateur collectors and professionals, aiming to bridge the gap between amateur collecting, science and education. To achieve this, we aim at both providing information, e.g. by the ongoing expansion of our identification system, as well as the sharing of experience on topics like communication and popularisation, etc. .. Together with Naturalis we would like to organize an annual activity.
For more information on Naturalis, see www.naturalis.nl


With Kennislink we collaborate by linking to each other's pages, and the exchange of informative texts.
For more information www.kennislink.nl


Together with Hona we organize an annual fossil fair in the vicinity of Leuven, Belgium. This fair is characterized by the absence of strictly commercial traders, and has an emphasis on the amateur. The fair has its own code of ethics.
See www.hona.be


The German website Der Steinkern is the German equivalent of this site. Both sites exchange information and experience.
For more information www.steinkern.de

Trilobites Group

The Trilobites Group has a strong cooperation with Fossiel.net. Since 2014 this group is active within the Fossiel.net platform with their own portal.
See english.fossiel.net/trilobitesgroup/

Werkgroep Fossielen Wageningen

We work togetherwith the Werkgroep Fossielen Wageningen to promote paleontology
Zie www.werkgroepfossielenwageningen.nl/

Paleobiologische Kring

We work togetherwith the Paleobiologisch Kring to promote paleontology
Zie www.paleobiologischekring.org/homepage/

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